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    Are any hosts in Ghana finding difficulty getting paid by Airbnb?This is the 3rd Bad experience in a year and I am getting really uncomfortable. I have called Customer service support 4 times and still nobody getting this simple case resolves. A gues...
    Hello.Can you help me about my payment. Because im new here so i don’t know well about payouts.I added the payment for 1 week and its still showing pending. Can you please help me to check it? Thank youHope to receive your message.
    i have a problem that i can't choose payoneer as payout method and every time i choose it it says i already have an account ND NEED TO LOG IN AND I LOG IN AND NOTHING HAPPENS Latest reply by Miloud0
    In the past I used western, now impossible. When I try to add wire transfer (approved for Ukraine), I receive "you dont have permission to complete this action" message...try on different computers many times...support team I am connected to are very very... Latest reply by Irena78
    A guy has just checked out of a 2 day stay with me, and Airbnb has not released payment to my Paypal yet. This is 48 hours + that no money has come in. I always have gotten it 24 hours after a guest check in. I have tried live chat with Airbnb agents, but... Latest reply by Ute42
    I had guests. 22.12.2019, 29.11.2019 , 26.11.2019 . I didn't get the money. 22.12.2019 - 29.10 $ , 29.11.2019 - 19.40 $, 26.11.2019 - 9.70 $ Total 58.20. Please send me my money .