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    A guest wanted me to block 7/4 - 7/11 but didnt have the money to pay for the reservation at the time. I blocked those dates. how do i unblock the dates and have her make a deposit. I dont want someone else to make a reservation on those dates for at l... Latest reply by Anonymous
    Hola comunidad:Haber si me puedan ayudar con esto. Me pasa que en uno de mis avisos la página está cobrando mas de la tarifa, yo no tengo activado el precio inteligente. Saludos
    Hi there. I live in the US and love the remote lock options we have here (same for thermostats). I have a rental in Ireland that has a triple-bolt front door lock (typical for there), so I can't use anything like a Schlage, or August, etc. I'm not seeing...
    hi, i'm tring to reduce the price of the rent for tenants, at the last stage, i'm sending the request and it says : "error, contact host assistance " - "Une erreur s'est produite ! Veuillez contacter l'assistance utilisateurs pour obtenir de l'aide" - whi... Latest reply by Linda108
    Hello Airbnb Community and greetings from Amsterdam!... I am facing an issue with the Airbnb Superhost Support center. Is anyone else having bad experiences with the Support team regarding an Error in the Payout? After your guest departed... The situation... Latest reply by Roberta2
    Iv been a host on Airbnb for around three years and have a great experience, But the start of this new year hasn’t been good , after 7 phone calls to the support line I’m still waiting for a payment from December. has anyone else having this problem?
    I have been trying to sort out a failure by Air bnb to payout on reservations. The best I get is some team somewhere is looking at it. I have been told they are too busy and my case is not assigned yet they have already taken their service fee. I am s...