An apartment said it had Wi-Fi but didn't. AirBnb returned $3.00 out of $500. Then they deleted my review.

An apartment said it had Wi-Fi but didn't. AirBnb returned $3.00 out of $500. Then they deleted my review.

I stayed in an apartment that said that had Wi-Fi, but when I got there, it didn't work a single day. I almost lost my job because of it. I had to leave 2 weeks earlier than expected of the apartment.


1. I requested a refund for 50% of the stay, the host said no.

2. I requested a refund from AirBnb, they said I had AirCover but needed to prove that I had no internet. Unfortunately, I had no proof of this. How unlikely is to have proof of such a thing? Unfortunately I made the terrible mistake of talking with the host outside of Airbnb (Whatsapp), and that was my only proof.  They returned 10% of the first day of the stay, which was $3.00. 

3. I left a review stating what happened, and that the apartment did not have internet, and that I felt that what was done to me was fraud. 

4. Airbnb deleted my review.


Are you going to delete this too, Airbnb? @Airbnb 

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Here is some information about the Aircover policy:


As you can see, timing is quite important. So, at what point did you contact the host about the issue and what did the host say? Was there any attempt to fix the WiFi? At what point did you contact Airbnb? 


How long did you stay? Did you get refunded for the two weeks you didn't stay, but wanted 50% back on the nights you did stay? Or, are you saying you only got $3 after asking for 50% of the total booking?


Do previous guests mention WiFi issues in the reviews?


RE your review, when did you leave it and did you see it, i.e. was it published already? As already mentioned, the review will not be posted until after the 14 day review period is over, or if the host leaves you are review too. So, if the host doesn't review you, you have to wait until 14 days after check out to see your review on the listing.


However, if the review as already published and then removed, it is possible it was due to the mention of 'fraud'. I have heard that reviews that mention resolution cases can be removed. Also, as you requested and was denied a refund, the host could ask for the review to be removed because it's retaliatory. It's then at Airbnb's discretion whether they remove it or not, but they don't remove reviews that often.

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@Alain1203 As already stated in a similar case, a 50% discount personally seems to me a bit excessive demand.

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@Alain1203 also when did you stay? I see you have no reviews so yours will not post until 14 days after the stay.

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@Alain1203 this post will not be deleted. Can you remember what you wrote in your review? Quite often hosts and guests get their reviews deleted because it breaks the content policy. if we can see what you wrote it might be the case that you can get it reinstated. 

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