How do you handle rude guests?

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How do you handle rude guests?

My guest for this coming weekend is very rude.


He is unhappy with every policy I have and continues to communicate his displeasure in a very kurt manner. And this is before he even got here! I have been polite but ready to snap. I am pretty sure he will leave me a bad review so that ship had sailed.


Do you continue with a big smile no matter what?


Do you ever firmly but politely tell guests off?

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Mount Barker, Australia


One again you are showing yourself to be a great host Inna. 

This guy got himself off to a bad start, but the reason he did that was to strengthen his ground and weaken yours. It's a power game people play to get their way through life. But, they do know when to stop, and you have laid it on the line and suggested this will not work for either of you, his manner changed.....good on you! It's a pity a few more hosts wouldn't take a leaf out of your book, stand their ground instead of saying, "Oh that's ok, it will all work out" and come here when it doesn't! 




Inna the worst that will happen here is, he will be demanding, he will have you jumping through hoops.....not because he is trying to, it's just that, that is the way he is used to living his life.

And if (on the slim chance) he does prove too much for you and leaves you a poor review, with 430+ great reviews who do you think we are going to believe.......him or the other 431! His review would say far more about him than it would say about you!


I wouldn't cancel him Inna, you are better than that, you are in for a good hosting.....on your terms!



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@Inna22  How did he get through your request process with this kind of attitude?


I'd interpret the repeated complaints about your policies as something very close to an intention not to follow them. But I don't know if someone on the phone at Airbnb would agree enough to grant a no-penalty cancellation. Still, it sounds like neither of you is happy with this booking so there seems to be no good reason to go forward with it. 

@Anonymous I am approaching that point. In fact right now, I’m even willing to do it with a penalty. Although somebody should talk me off the cliff. I guess I can talk to Airbnb and see what they say and then make a decision. I do have instant book and this guy amazingly has five previous five star reviews

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@Inna22 my pat answer is "It seems that you are not enjoying your stay as much as you could. What can I do to help?" and if he complains again about house rules I would say "every host has to determine house rules that help to maintain the safety and integrity of their property. If these are interfering with your enjoyment of the space to the extent that you prefer not to complete your reservation, I can contact Airbnb and see what they recommend. We don't want any of  our guests to be unhappy and strive to make every stay a positive experience. But not every listing is a fit for every guest."  

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My response is affected by how much longer the guest is booked.  Another day, grin and bear it.  Another week or more, contact the guest via the Air BNB message system; summarize the complaints and offer the solution of working out a more suitable booking elsewhere.  Wait for his response then contact Air BNB for assistance with cancelling the reservation.  You may get a penalty, but as they is too short...



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Have you tried to get him to cancel? I'm sure his paying a lot of money and why would he pay to be unhappy? Could you offer him a full refund if he cancels by 5pm today?

@Emilia42 one night reservation for one of my smallest units off season. I already worked it off just by the amount of communication I had to endure, before I paid for water and heat. And yes, offered that but apparently he does not have time to look for something else

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@Inna22 sometimes just calling someone out on their grumpiness would work


"It seems like everything about the place is frustrating you; why did you choose us again?"


In the South, we also throw in a "Bless your heart, this seems so difficult for you."


If you're within the 'he's going to get to review you anyway' window then I'd at least get paid, but if someone is pissy more than 2 days out, I'd try to cancel.

@Kelly149 so funny, just today someone told me that "bless your heart" in the South and "kind regards" in an email have a double meaning

@Inna22 if you need a good giggle look up an article that explains all the things it Might mean.... sometimes you just feel better after saying it bc one of the things it means is "well, you're a PITA so I'll feel sorry for you and glad for myself that I'm not having to live your life."


Good luck!!

@Kelly149 @Inna22 


Sometimes I'll say or write "bless your heart" with a huge smile and in my mind I'm saying "go f yourself". It's kind of like an anger management tool. 🙂

@Inna22   and @Kelly149 - that's right here in the deep south  -- "bless your heart", kinda means you poor stupid thing you! Just curious is communication done in text form or conversation on the phone? Is he English speaking person - I have met folks from other lands that say what they have learned -  if English is not their first language and it can be really bad, poor and very curt sounding and they don't know that that response is not a nice or good thing. just a thought. 

I'd not deal with rude/ curt from anyone. If he's native English speaker, I'd call him out and say seems you are really having a difficult time accepting or liking anything about this stay in our place and not sure you know you are coming off as very rude and unpleasant to me - And sometimes people don't know they are being so crappy and need to be reminded that they are. Without saying hey you idiot stop it and go somewhere else PLEASE.  They aren't paying you to take the negative, rude, curt treatment. good luck Inna! go get em!

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Ha ha! Yes, indeed they do.
And there's a world of (subtle?) difference between "With all due respect" and "With all respect due" ...

@Kelly149- I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, and I hate to say it but the adopted meaning of "Bless Your Heart" came straight from Hollywood movies.  That is absolutely not the way it started out.  It was meant to be a sympathetic remark and meant genuinely.  It disgusts me to see it abused and misused the way it is now no thanks to movie land putting their own spin on it.  There are those of us who are genuinely southern and still use it as a sympathetic remark.


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Bless your heart certainly is an endearing and positive expression here in Britain @Terri38 @Susan1404 @Inna22 @Suzanne302 @Clara116 @Kelly149 !



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