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I am sure there are many other hosts like me who have experienced issues with getting guests to agree to an arrival time within the check in window. I have lost count of how many times guests have asked me to check in much earlier, and some times much lat... Latest reply by Elaine701
Hi everyone. I have been a long time AirBnB user over the years and to date have never had an issue with any Host until recently. Travelled to London and booked an AirBnB in Fitzrovia. Nice little apartment. Communication with Host was good. We left t... Latest reply by Fred13
Does Airbnb have a lot of people trying to scam hosts? I just posted my first listing and received three inquiries right away asking if available. I messaged each of them back and let them know that yes it's available and approving them to proceed to... Latest reply by Trang111
Hi all, I had 4 guests who stayed last night only. About 45 mins before check-out this morning, I get a notification that the power has gone out. This is because a huge wind storm knocked down power lines nearby. Shortly after, the guests message me and s... Latest reply by Mark116
Had a guest recently check out. She sent me a really apologetic message. Said her husband got a nose bleed. So they tried to bleach the sheets and in the process bleached the blue bath towels She’s offered to pay for them directly into my bank account... Latest reply by Robin4
I have a guest stay for 49 nights and I charge her $125 for cleaning fee. She said she left me $20 tips when she packing out. I was like “you don’t have to”. Soon after she confirmed checked out, I realized why. She left a lot of garbage in the unit. Th... Latest reply by Pia434
Hello, I'm doing some research for next year and I wondered if anyone could answer the following: What are the main differences between using airbnb and a site such as Rightmove and then an estate agent for long term rentals?Is using airbnb more lik... Latest reply by Sybe
Help needed! We’re new to hosting/ letting (been live for a week) and have had a request for a 2 month stay, Mon- Fri for 3 guys who are down for work in the area. they want to pay off site to avoid Airbnb fees. firstly, I would never go off site as we ... Latest reply by Trude0
I recently hosted a guest who was over 1 1/2 hours late checking out. I have not left a review for her yet (still have a week to do that), so just thought I would seek the opinion of others before I did so. Initial communication with the guest (before ar... Latest reply by David7362