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    My guest decided to throw a party.1) I called Airbnb, and his reservation was cancelled, and we forced everyone to leave.2) The cops were called by my neighbors. I was issued a $1,500 fine, due to noise and city ordinance violation. I'm passing the fine t... Latest reply by Helen3
    I had a guest book for 30 nights. After 3 nights, the next evening, I find out she left and wants a refund for the remaining nights. Because she left and decided not to stay on the fourth night, it cost me that night plus the following night (tonight) be... Latest reply by Marie8425
    I have a long term property in Fontana, CA. HOA rules prevent me from renting it out for less than 30 days. Airbnb was unable to retrieve payment from my previous guest and as a result they stayed an extra 30 days for free because I trusted them to sort o... Latest reply by Jennifer1897
    Hey everyone! I booked an airbnb today, and after I booked and send a message to them they sent me a message saying about the $40 parking fee. But they never mentioned this on the listing. Is this normal? I don’t think this is fair. And now I can not do a... Latest reply by Gloria342
    I’m in a brutal situation. Had a guest claim there was a bed bug issue at the house. I was horrified. An Airbnb case manager was immediately assigned, the guest quickly refunded and relocated for the remainder of their trip. My listing was paused a... Latest reply by Anita781