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    Hosts gave us a lot of feedback in the past year, whether you discussed topics here in the Community Center, commented through our submission form, or participated in one of over 50 listening sessions worldwide. We listened, and then we went to work....
    Hello everyone, Recently, we've seen many people searching in the community for topics such as "How to contact Airbnb". It has actually been one of the most searched topics in the Community Centre. With this in mind, I decided to create a guide t...
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    Have your say on short-term rental rules in Europe. Have you ever been confused about the regulations surrounding short-term rentals where you live? Or wanted a chance to share your opinion with key decision-makers? The European Commission has launch... Latest reply by Nils170
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    Hello everyone, Let's see our way into the spooky weekend in style! It's about time we had another CC social. I'm hoping to see some of our regulars and new faces alike. For an activity, let's bring out best Halloween costumes, make up, decorations a... Latest reply by Quincy
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    Hello everyone, Ever since Airbnb Experiences were launched, I have seen some Hosts discussing and launching their own Experiences. I love that over here in London, we have a great assortment of walking tours, pub tours, and, in general, some lovel... Latest reply by Hayfa0
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    Hiya everyone, As some of you know, I’ve got a little one of my own and he can be a right handful, especially when balancing work, buying and selling a house and a plethora of other bits and pieces in the day-to-day. This got me to thinking, I won... Latest reply by Sarah977
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    Hi everyone, As we all know, the high season in most cases is during the summer months, regardless of when that is based on your geographical location. Before that busy period, I can imagine several of you preparing for the many bookings to come, ... Latest reply by Linda3273
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    Hey everyone, A few Hosts have been experimenting with selling extra amenities and services to guests - apart from the stay itself. This got me thinking and I’m curious to know if any of you have ever tried or thought about doing something similar. ... Latest reply by Diana1650
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    Hi everyone, I logged in a bit earlier today because I wanted to post a new topic - before I head out for a third vaccination dose - only to see that @Laura2592 asked a very similar question a few hours ago. You can't stop great minds thinking alike... Latest reply by Nick
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