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    Hi everyone, Welcome to the "Ask about your listing" board – I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey c... Latest reply by Toby181
    My listings are active and are no where to be found on search, it has been more that a week without bookings or inquiries, have called like 5 times without any help
    We are a group of hosts in the Sequoia national Park area of California. Suddenly our area is not showing up in the search results for travelers, results are reverting back to the homepage. Many of us have called in - no results for over a week. Also no ... Latest reply by Caroline1534
    my 2019 year end summery is totaly wrong on every level.anyone else having that issue? airbnb keeps telling me to go to the csv but i know that. the earning summery is what i give my accountant. the csv doesnt give you the totals. i shoudnt have to get a ... Latest reply by June211