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    We just purchased a very nice 38' luxury RV to park on our property specifically for AirBnb. We've done our county approval and permits. We're adding a landing pad, electrical, and water hook up - just like you'd have at an RV park. All of this seems t...
    I had to cancel a trip because of Covid. The host refused to give me a refund, but Airbnb said I would be credited when I next booked through them. How do I do this? I don't see any place on the booking page to ask for credit.
    We have some guests who stayed and had problems with the internet connection. It turned out to be an external fault with the ISP (BT).After initial troubleshooting with us (restarting router etc), we had engineer come and fix issue, earliest they could do... Latest reply by Laurelle3
    Hello, I set my price per night 90$, but it shows 114$ for guests, after they click my apartment for reservation, it shows 100$ per night. what can I do? whats the problem? P.S. smart pricing is off. Thank you. Latest reply by Emiel1