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    Hey everyone! Over the last 4 months I started using WheelHouse as a pricing tool. It does essentially what SmartPricing is supposed to do but 1000% better. (i love it by the way if anyone is in need of some more accurate pricing metrics). I found today... Latest reply by Lisa723
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    I,ve never been so busy!According to the latest National news and Airbnb updates on my profile- we have more than 120% more people looking for accomodation in our area...The news headlines say our town is " booked out"I must admit I am gobsmacked as the ... Latest reply by Ann72
    Dear Airbnb, we need your help. Tillamook County is trying to pass new legislation that increases the complexity of filing quarterly returns and adds large fees associated with short-term rental. Currently, Tillamook county already charges 11% tax per sta...
    Just today, I received a 9 night booking for July and the guest's nightly rate somehow is less than 50% of what we have listed. After some digging I discovered part of that is "LTS promotion" since I just included a weekly discount. What puzzles me is so... Latest reply by Sieglinde10
    Good Day I have 16 bedroom and each room can only accommodate 2 people. I have a family of 5 booking in but they only paying for 2 people N$ 1000 instead of either per person rate of N$ 650 or per room rate N$ 1000. They need to pay also for at least 2 ... Latest reply by Helen3