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Hello everyone,If you have any specific questions about how Airbnb works, how to manage your listing, how to accept a reservation, how to send a special offer, set payment methods and more, feel free to browse conversations in this section or you can star...
Hello Can anyone help? I had engaged a local company to do turnarounds for me. However, last time they were meant to do this they didn't turn up leaving my new guests with an uncleaned flat, bedding and towels. What's worse the cleaners didn't tell me s... Latest reply by Nick2466
I've rented for a week, ** in Tinos Island, Cyclades. After that I pursued another 20 days on the Cyclades Islands. I am almost blind sighted, as to say - having many prescrition lenses eyeglasses. After I returned to Switzerland, I noticed that a pa... Latest reply by Quincy
Hello,I am looking for the 2015 W9 form to download, checked in the payout preference but didn't see a PDF file. Is there a new way to receive it this year? Thank you for your help.BestValerie Latest reply by Keshawn2
I have had my listing up for about 7 months now, and I am very satisfied with its success so far. All of a sudden, I have not gotten any bookings in about 3 weeks. The views are just as high (sometimes higher) than normal. Any tips?? Latest reply by Nicholas657
I am new to Airbnb hosting and my account was suspended. Its been over a week and I have contacted Airbnb several times and I have not gotten a response other than we will call you back and the call never comes. After several calls, I am at a loss as to w... Latest reply by Justin542