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Hello everyone,If you have any specific questions about how Airbnb works, how to manage your listing, how to accept a reservation, how to send a special offer, set payment methods and more, feel free to browse conversations in this section or you can star...
My guests transfer on the 10/01/2018 until now the money is not in my account.What is the proceed? Latest reply by Emiel1
Prompt! In the announcement in the parameters there was a specified price, but in the text of the ad it is indicated that this price is for the person, the guest did not understand this price, he does not like such a price as canceling the reservation wit... Latest reply by Marit-Anne0
Hi all, I am having an issue with completing a payment. Underneath the note: Complete payment to confirm booking I select Complete payment and then I am directed to a page Guinness Store (https://www.airbnb.com/night-at/guinnessstorehouse) which seems t... Latest reply by Marzena4
Hellow everyone,Well I am new at airbnb, I have a few days that I have listed my property. Please tell me all the steps that I have to follow in orderto get some bookings.Thanks for your attention and help.Vasilis fouxia apartments Corfu Latest reply by Susan760
We have been contacted by a person claiming to represent a guest who supposedly stayed in our apartment as an AirBnB guest. We have no record of a person with the name mentioned in the claim, but had a guest with the same first name. Has anyone else been ... Latest reply by Lars52
Hi, I got a missed call late at night from an unknown number.I called it the next day and they said they weren't going to stay at the Airbnb.I am not an Airbnb host, why did I receive the call?Doesn't all hosts need verified phone numbers? Latest reply by Marit-Anne0
Hi! Ich bin in Berlin und überlege hin- und her, was wohl die beste Lösung für folgendes Problem ist:Sie haben ihre Wohnung über Airbnb vermietet. Die Gäste haben sich über das Wlan eine komplette Serie heruntergeladen.Einige Wochen später flattert ein Br... Latest reply by Toni110
Hi friends, I tried to add 'Payout Method' for Bank Transfer on AirBnb last week, and I am sure I had set up successfully. But I don't know why I haven't got an email of it after 5days and I also couldn't find the 'Payout Method' that I set up in ... Latest reply by En1
I’ve been trying for over two weeks to figure out how to list my townhouse. I thought I had it figured out but I cannot find my listing when I do a search. My sister also tried and never could find my listing. Why does it have to be so complicated? Really... Latest reply by Matthew285