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Hello everyone,If you have any specific questions about how Airbnb works, how to manage your listing, how to accept a reservation, how to send a special offer, set payment methods and more, feel free to browse conversations in this section or you can star...
I am fairly new to hosting and have set my listing so that you cannot book more than 12 months in advance. (Is this the usual setting). I want to have different rates per the time of year but cannot see a way of setting them in advance so that as dates op... Latest reply by Resort-Vacation-Rentals0
I have referred 2 friends, who have both hosted since. After spending lots of time helping them create their ad (using my host referral code), Airbnb has not paid any of the referral bonus. The first time they said my friends did not use the code, which i... Latest reply by Corey84
Hi, I have one account and my sis has one. She uses android and easily to switch between those two accounts on airbnb app but on iphone I have to log out one account and log in to another one with keep entering the password on each account. is anyone usin... Latest reply by Marcelo656
A small item; dustpan and broom, worth $15 went missing. I thought this very odd, but replayed my CCTV and saw the guests holding the items as they walked out of the property as they checked out. I could not believe it as they were both so friendly and w... Latest reply by Rachel970
Hi All, I have a new listing (about a month old). I have had 9 inquires, 4 bookings, 1 declined. My reservation acceptance rate for this listing is now 71%. The Airbnb help desk rep states inquiries do not impact this rating unless you decline??? I exp... Latest reply by Alexander932
Hello my fellow beautiful hosts! I rented out my room and had an incident that happened that was not under my control, nor anything I did, and she was injured, and the guest was unhappy but stayed the whole time. I did everything I could from giving her... Latest reply by Michele863