How do you handle rude guests?

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Chicago, IL

How do you handle rude guests?

My guest for this coming weekend is very rude.


He is unhappy with every policy I have and continues to communicate his displeasure in a very kurt manner. And this is before he even got here! I have been polite but ready to snap. I am pretty sure he will leave me a bad review so that ship had sailed.


Do you continue with a big smile no matter what?


Do you ever firmly but politely tell guests off?

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One again you are showing yourself to be a great host Inna. 

This guy got himself off to a bad start, but the reason he did that was to strengthen his ground and weaken yours. It's a power game people play to get their way through life. But, they do know when to stop, and you have laid it on the line and suggested this will not work for either of you, his manner changed.....good on you! It's a pity a few more hosts wouldn't take a leaf out of your book, stand their ground instead of saying, "Oh that's ok, it will all work out" and come here when it doesn't! 




Inna the worst that will happen here is, he will be demanding, he will have you jumping through hoops.....not because he is trying to, it's just that, that is the way he is used to living his life.

And if (on the slim chance) he does prove too much for you and leaves you a poor review, with 430+ great reviews who do you think we are going to believe.......him or the other 431! His review would say far more about him than it would say about you!


I wouldn't cancel him Inna, you are better than that, you are in for a good hosting.....on your terms!



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@Inna22  You should have stuck with your instincts on this one, I will be shocked if they give you a 5 star rating.