2021: Month of Celebration Lineup

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2021: Month of Celebration Lineup

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Hey everyone! 


We've kicked off our Month of Celebration and couldn't be happier we get the chance to host all your wonderful and positive stories for the 5th year in a row!


For anyone who is new to the Month of Celebration, each day throughout December, a different community member will start a new topic about something positive. It will be on a vast range of topics, both hosting and non-hosting related.


To keep things handy, we will be gathering all of the posts here, so you can have easy access and not miss any.


Day 1: A bit of bright light by Marlene76

Day 2: Grateful for Creative Outlet by Carla81

Day 3: Life is full of coincidences by Robin4

Day 4: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Kim1091 

Day 5: Christmas lights by Angela1056

Day 6: Hurray for the opportunity to share, to meet new people and to enjoy each other's company! by Stephen-Graham0

Day 7: An Airbnb Apron by @Cathie19 

Day 8: On the lantern path by Marianne318

Day 9: Celebrating our launch of the Sheffield's Hidden Gems podcast by @Veronica-Of-Excel-Proper0 

Day 10: Endless opportunities of short term rentals by Betty431

Day 11: On the road again by Ann72

Day 12: The sun is shining and the birds are singing! by Essaouira-Beachlife-Moro0

Day 13: DIY - Sofa - Minimalist and Clean Design by J-Renato0
Day 14: A year of discovering the local area by Laura2592

Day 15: Sexy Sixty, Manifestation and a Brave New World by Nancy1588

Day 16: Try Fufu and Groundnut Soup, a Ghanaian Delicacy by Rita2164

Day 17: You can choose your family by Stephanie 

Day 18: Holiday traditions by Liv

Day 19: It's the little thing by @Priscilla150 

Day 20: Saying it with botanicals by @Helen427 

Day 21:  To old friends and shared adventure by Deborah175

Day 22: Hosting can create the unforgettable experience by @Jennifer3056

Day 23: Christmas: What will you be cooking? by Huma0

Day 24: All we want for Christmas is... (these) songs by Nick 

Day 25: Merry Christmas to everyone in the Airbnb Community by Linda3273

Day 26: Heart-centered Hosts by Xanthi3 

Day 27: Urban people seeking silence and how to make them happy by Finn-Olav0

Day 28: Thank you, Airbnb by Annabelle1

Day 29: Adopting a cat by @Quincy 

Day 30: Christmas by the beach by Laurelle3

Day 31: Have you looked on the bright side recently? by @Liv 


For available dates or just to see who is coming up, please check the calendar here.


We hope you enjoy participating and for those readers, please do share your thoughts with your authors and each other! Let's spread the positivity all over the CC and have a wonderful holiday together 😃


Many thanks

Nick, Stephanie, Liv & Quincy  



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London, United Kingdom

Hi , thank you for the welcome… no question as yet. Just looking to start hosting next February 2023 

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Vodice, Croatia

Thank you very much for information I have not anything question now. Good luck 

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