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Hello everyone,If you have any specific questions about how Airbnb works, how to manage your listing, how to accept a reservation, how to send a special offer, set payment methods and more, feel free to browse conversations in this section or you can star...
I can only use the Airbnb app when I’m in WiFi. This is proving to be really tricky when communicating with customers as I’m out and about so much. Anyone else had this and know how to solve it? Latest reply by Georgina126
I'm sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, I couldn't find a thread that dealt with my particular situation. I am the owner of a 2 bedroom apartment. I live in the apartment and nowadays rent the spare room to longer-term tenants/housemates. I used t... Latest reply by Marina1009
Hey! I was trying to book a room, but the host took more than 24 hrs to respond and it was automatically cancelled.The host and I were talking and she said she would want me there, and just didnt have enough time to respond, and i should rebook.However, w... Latest reply by Sarah977
Hi! We confirm our stay with our host, but once arrived our host stopped responding. We cant get in because they need to give us a code or unlock it for us. So far it has been over 4 hours now, we dont really know what to do now. The travel was about 5 ho... Latest reply by Lawrene0
I am looking to host a Airbnb in the Montego Bay area but I am needing help with a property manager in that area. Also looking in the Falmouth area as well. Does anyone know of any good property managers in either of these locations?
I received a reservation request 8/1/16 at 12:30 am for check in on the same day? I have guests in home checking out today at 11 am. I cannot get cleaners on such short notice with another guest checking out. Is there some way to block reservations for sa... Latest reply by Sylvia-And-Bob0
@Laura_C An observation in this topic of Help on the official website, it only mentions about what to do if a HOST asks for money OFF the website. Would you please ensure there's also advice and inclusion of what HOST's should do if a GUEST asks for mon... Latest reply by Alice595
I have someone interested in staying for 3 months of time at our condo. They've informed me that Airbnb requires them to pay by credit card and they do not have a limit on their card that would allow them to pay for all 3 months up front. I was under the ... Latest reply by Emiel1
I am an Airbnb host in Sydney Australia. My sister, Kati, is also an Airbnb host in Auckland New Zealand. We own a small apartment in Zuglo, Budapest XIV. which we are interested in making available for Airbnb. I am a enquiring about the possibility of... Latest reply by Miloud0