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    Hi guys,Ive accidentally decline a request. We were actually doing some negotiations through message, however I accidentally hit the decline button. When i try to re offer, it says theres some problem with connection.Is this normal? Can anyone help me her... Latest reply by Paul-And-Amoni0
    Hi,I had Flexible Check in and Check out selected however I changed the values and now wnat to revert back to Flexible Check in and out however I cannot select "Flexible". The page defaults back to 12:00AM (midnight) for both fields.Can you this be change...
    I synced my airbnb using my homeaway ical website. it accepted it, but the dates have not yet synced. what should i do?
    My cover photo is fuzzy. I took it with my cell phone. The file on my computer is larger and clear but on the airbnb site it's small. The expanded cover photo on my listing is not clear and not flattering. Any suggestions? Thank you! Latest reply by Dede0