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Hello everyone,This is a place where you can talk about hosting in a general way. Dive into this board to get to know other hosts, share your experiences, exchange ideas about hosting, and share your host stories.Remember that for more specific questions ...
Does anyone have any recommendations for other rental services? Airbnbs phenomenally bad customer service, terrible new policies, inability to adequately protect hosts and lack of will to accept input has got me ready to abandon ship. Latest reply by Lisa723
From the edit listing page here: https://www.airbnb.com/manage-listing/7788559/photos I could add new photos, but cannot move the photos to certain order. I have tried chome, firefox or IE 11 but no avail. is it a bug or something else? Latest reply by Lizzie
Could you please take a few minutes to fill out our survey? We would like to hear about your experience with Airbnb, so please take a few minutes to complete this survey we have developed for a University project!The survey is anonymous and aims to invest... Latest reply by Lizzie
I just had to vent. I accidentaly goofed on closing the calendars. I tried to ask the guest if he wanted a very similiar property he said no. I cancelled all with in 2 hours of him booking 1 month out....I got hit with a $50 airbnb fine.... 2 days la... Latest reply by Lizzie
Hi all,I just received an invite to the Airbnb Plus program. I remember looking into Airbnb Plus when it first debuted earlier this year and thought it sounded like a great concept. I looked into applying and it wasn't available in my area. Well, apparent... Latest reply by Nate9
I am somewhat confused and disappointed. I had to cancel a booking after Smart pricing had messed up the pricing over peak time, 23 - 26 December after the previous booking was cancelled. Airbnb then threaten my income by blocking the dates to prevent any... Latest reply by Rachel0