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    I have mentioned in my listing that guests who book must state their arrival time upon booking request, as well as reminding them down the line when they still don't mention it in the first message. It seems quite apparent that none of the potential guest... Latest reply by Helen427
    I have noticed that quite a few of us hosts hesitate to come out with a straightforward, negative review, even if we feel like it. Also, some of us can go a bit overboard with too many details in a bad review, which renders it mostly ineffective, and it ... Latest reply by Viktoria56
    Hello Fellow Airbnber's! I would really appreciate some help with a very odd cancellation and refund request I've just received and do not know quite how to respond to. On Wednesday this week, 6 November, the guest booked a last-minute 4-night break wit... Latest reply by Emilia42
    This is part of the CC Festival of hospitality, original topic created in the Italian speaking Community Center, by @Cinzia29 and translated below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When y... Latest reply by Rishabh10
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    Hi everyone, The longer you host, the more you learn about what you need to make clearer for guests. This is particularly true of actions that are done differently in different countries, such as recycling. You may have realised after one group of gues... Latest reply by Sarah977
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    Hello, From the moment you first hear from a guest, you are starting the journey of hosting. Each conversation is important and can help you as a host find out the information you need and also make your guest feel excited about their stay. There ar... Latest reply by Cormac0
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    Hello fellow hosts, I am a fairly new host, (6 mo). I've had 17 stays and 3 more are scheduled. Three of my guests have had a verification tag stating, 'Also a host'. Does anyone know if there is a way that we as hosts can view their listing after they... Latest reply by Merlyn5