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    Hi All, A guest has contacted me outside of Airbnb by SMS asking me if he can bring additional guests, I have told him no but his communication makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't want to host him anymore. Can I cancel his reservation? It is 2 mon... Latest reply by Lois-and-Darryl0
    Hello community, An Airbnb member instantly booked our listing for her son and his three friends. She stated in her message that she was just trying to book for them and promised us that they were going to behave, but she instantly booked before consult... Latest reply by Lol0
    Good day, I have an enquiry with regards to a guest changing dates of reservation and departing early. I had a guess staying from Dec 26 - Jan 05 2016 She gave me notice Wednesday 30 Dec at 6:59pm to say she needs to leave in the morning (Thurs 31 D... Latest reply by Maria-Lurdes0