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    We Airbnb our holiday home which is 2 hours away from where we live (not that our guests know how far away we are) and we have a lovely lady who cleans for us. Today's guests arrived and contacted us to say the house was not clean. I replied immediately t... Latest reply by Sheryl-And-Aaron0
    Hey there Hosts, When a guest writes a review about their stay, the host can always reply to it. Do you often reply to your guest’s review? If you do, do you have your own personal guidelines on how you reply? What are your top tips? Thanks, Ste... Latest reply by Stephanie
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    I have mentioned in my listing that guests who book must state their arrival time upon booking request, as well as reminding them down the line when they still don't mention it in the first message. It seems quite apparent that none of the potential guest... Latest reply by Helen427
    I have noticed that quite a few of us hosts hesitate to come out with a straightforward, negative review, even if we feel like it. Also, some of us can go a bit overboard with too many details in a bad review, which renders it mostly ineffective, and it ... Latest reply by Viktoria56