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    Our bookings have been way down during the month of January and late December. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I thought perhaps I should change to smart pricing. Do people have an opinion about smart pricing? It seems that Airbnb does push host... Latest reply by Colleen253
    a guest who has been a member since 2013 is requesting to book my place, however i find it peculiar that he has no reviews. i usually like to read the reveiws prior to accepting the reservation. just want to know if this is common? why wouldn't he hav... Latest reply by Trust7
    I participated in Airbnb Host Club Event November 15, 2021, the promotion stated that we as hosts supposed to receive a gift card. I have not received anything. Wonder is other hosts are in the same situation. Latest reply by M199
    Hi, I missed the two Zoom meetings below. How can I see them? Option 1 (French) - Tuesday December 7th | 5:00 PM ETRegister for Tuesday December 7Option 2 (English) - Thursday December 9th | 5:00 PM ETRegister for Thursday December 9You’re encouraged to ... Latest reply by Annie1372
    Can someone please help me? Its been almost 2 weeks and i have no receive my payout despite stating on payment history its completed which is a LIE! 1. Called my bank and they confirmed NO transaction is pending or received. This is on airbnb’s end. 2. Ai... Latest reply by Bill55
    I'm also a new host here in Philippines and my first time experience, about my pay out is, i have two booking used PayPal to be paid, but my problem right now, its almost a week already and its not yet at my bank account.. what can i do now? Latest reply by Ruby171
    I would like to be able to ask a question direct to Air BnB and get an answer quick and easy rather than having to go around in Circles on the website trying to find an answer to my question that doesn't appear to be there. I would like to know how I can ... Latest reply by Pam1254