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    Besides leaving a wreck, our most recent guests damaged several items. I will submit a request to the guests, but assume I will ultimately have to involve AirBnb. The guests attacked our air mattress from our fold-out couch. It appears they (maybe their o... Latest reply by Ken318
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    Good day good hosts, I also need to share my experience, which does not impress me at all about certain guests behavior. I had a couple who stayed in the room the whole day and night through out their week stay. They would make funny and irritating noise... Latest reply by Thuli0
    During a guests' stay, the neighbour below reported water damage to their ceiling due to water leaking from my condo. My plumber attended and said the problem was simple; it was a loose head on the pull-out hose on the kitchen sink faucet. He hand-tighten...
    I have received a message from a guest within 30 minutes of check in claiming that they have had to clean the accommodation themselves as table, chairs, bathroom and the floors were not clean. No evidence provided to substantiate the claims, just a passiv... Latest reply by Brian1617
    Hi everyone, I have the option for my guests to get a discount if they choose the non-refundable option. A guest just booked with this option and wanted to shorten her stay. Has anyone encountered this, if yes how did you approach this? I chose to give a ... Latest reply by Mike-And-Helen0
    My last guest just checked out and it’s become obvious that they brought a puppy with them and my biggest no no rule is “NO PETS” It wasn’t difficult to see that it was a dog from all tracks in the snow, poop left outside and urine spots but to also disco... Latest reply by Mike518