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    Hello fellow AirBnb Hosts, I started renting my spare room about 4 months ago, and I must say, my first experience was a catastrophe. My guest reached out and said he is interested in renting the room for 2 weeks, but he would like to book for 1 night jus... Latest reply by Kira32
    Guest Instant Booked for three days in July, thus accepting my strict cancellation policy. This week they altered their reservation to three days in August, and an hour later cancelled, saying they had to go out of the country. I got an email saying they... Latest reply by Allison2
    Hi, A guest who stayed for 5 nights and had a good time has emailed me that she had a dry sore throat every morning (which she did not tell me about while here) that would go away after hot tea. I responded that I was sorry to hear but while she was h... Latest reply by Linda1549
    I recieved an order yesterday around midnight, instant book (23:42 on 8th of July 2019). That was THE VERY LAST MINUTE BOOKING AT MIDNIGHT. The client ordered a room and called me on my registered telephone number right after. Turned out to be there gon... Latest reply by Nina75