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    You have gone through the minefield of taking a guest reservation, tried to assess what the guest will be like, what the likely risk is to your property or your reputation. You have taken the bull by the horns and had them stay....how do you look back on... Latest reply by Laura2592
    Guests checked out, and took a $170 Bluetooth speaker. Made a claim through Airbnb, who rejected the claim and said ‘our decision is final, you didn’t provide a police report for theft against the guests, therefor you are not covered under the host guaran... Latest reply by Helen3
    A guest reserved my guest house from Aug 16 to Aug 26 , 2020 with non-refundable payment method. on August 17, a guest had to leave early due to car broken, but they want full refund, so took pictures for tiled ceiling and plastic-steel windows frame.the... Latest reply by Sally318
    Hello all. I live in the catskills and bears have been getting into our garbage. We have guests staying for the month of July, and ordered a tuffboxx to hopefully resolve this issue, but it is taking forever to ship and certainly wont be here on time. Do ... Latest reply by Lorna170
    I'm really curious of what kind of house rules people post in their homes and what other things I should have posted for my guests. Would anyone be willing to reply with ideas or even a photo of yours that I can read as an example? I really appreciate any... Latest reply by Juliette252