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    1) In January 2019, a tropical Storm hit Thailand during our vacation. The government shut down boats and planes to leave the island we were staying on. As a result, we lost non-refundable bookings on hotels, trains and planes to go back home "You should ...
    I am a brand new host. I've been at this about a month but I'm getting bookings and good reviews. On my way to superhost status I hope! After five perfect bookings, I got my first bad one. Guest lied about why she was coming and where she was from. She ha... Latest reply by Mariam160
    I just noticed one thing today that Airbnb took $220 from my latest payout. It's for a "resolution refund" that appears in my resolution center. The specific reservation was made on 2/14 for a stay of 4/14 to 4/20 and the guest received some partial refun... Latest reply by Alameda0
    We just had a crazy guest threatening us. He made a reservation of like 20 nights starting 4/5 and we accepted it. After a few hours Airbnb cancelled the reservation and sent both of us an email explaining it. From the Airbnb message, they mentioned "Unfo... Latest reply by Sarah977
    Hi all, I had booked a trip for July to attend a festival which unfortunatly got cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. As my trip was so far ahead it didn’t fall under the new policy for Covid19. Airbnb’s advice was to contact the host to see if they wou... Latest reply by Susan17